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5 Lessons That You Can Learn From The Jobs That Choose You

Do you find yourself working in the same type of position over and over? Are you trying to branch into a new field, but the job opportunities keep pulling you back to yet another sales gig? You're in the right place. As a creative, I've found myself flitting from job to job as I found my footing. Different scenery would keep my interest for a short time until I found that I was really just making lateral move after lateral move. I had to break the cycle, but didn't know where to start. Turns out all of the jobs had taught me something here or there and I needed to overhaul my thinking as far as what I would apply for the next time around. Below are 5 of the best lessons that I learned from my old jobs that helped me pave the way to my current life now. I hope they are just as helpful for you and your search! THE TOP 5 LESSONS THAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM THE JOBS THAT CHOOSE YOU Lesson #1: 100% Commission Means $0 Some Days 100% Commission means $0 some days…and oth

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