How to Rock a Vendor Event with Digital Products

Alright, let's get into it.

You have a brilliant talent for bringing art and technology together to create Digital Products (business card templates, calendars, journal pages, digital papers, printables, etc.) and your success has brought you an opportunity to participate in a Vendor Booth Event. Firstly, congratulations! Big or small, this vending event can help you grow as a business owner and that is definitely something to be celebrated. what?

You do not have the luxury or burden of an inventory of hundreds of products to simply pack up and bring to the event - so how do you make money or get anything out of it? Is it even worth your time? It depends.

As a business owner, you've probably heard that you have to spend money to make money and this sentiment is true. What is NOT true is the concept that you have to spend beyond your means to build a business and make money. 

Good spending includes marketing properly, attending trade shows or paying for subscriptions to trade publications, buying materials or paying for proper software for your industry, etc. Vending Events fall under the category of Marketing- and with booth fees from $50-$5000 - you can see where, without research, this can easily be a great use of spending or a frivolity. 

Let's get into the top 5 Simple Ways to ROCK a Vendor Event as a Digital Product Business!

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1. Do Your Research

A Vendor Event is only as fruitful as you make it. Whether you plan to use this time as a marketing and networking opportunity or a money maker, you have to know the history of the event. In order to assess the likelihood of the vending event to be a success either monetarily or in exposure, there are a number of things to consider: 
  • Who attends regularly? Age, Interests, Spending Habits, etc.
  • Who is a vendor each year? 
  • Will you have any competition?
  • Is electricity included?
  • Will inclement weather change foot traffic?
  • Is this event properly promoted by the organization, or is it up to the vendors to bring traffic?
  • Where will my booth be? Hint: If you are next to the Live Music Stage, don't plan on having any meaningful conversations while the performers are playing.

2. Promote and Market in Advanced

You've done the research so now you know the general demographics of who will be there, other vendors, and the more functional parts of the vending event as far as your business' booth is concerned. With this information, you can now create marketing materials on websites like Vistaprint or Canva or if you have the appropriate professional software you can create great materials in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. 

Your social media channels can now be filled with tweets, Instagram feed posts and stories, and Facebook Posts promoting your upcoming event. Be creative in how you approach this - sometimes it is better to show behind the scenes and quick snaps of the process of getting ready than it is to show post after post of "Come See Me January 12th!!!!!! Booth 1234!!!" Use hashtags and mentions to show credibility in being associated with the event and to drive organic traffic to your social media pages. 

3. Make Your Talent Tangible

You're about 8 weeks away from the big day! You should spend this time ordering your digital designs on tangible products. Don't go wild, keep in mind how much the booth rent is costing and pay attention to your own finances before breaking the bank. Check out sites like Printify, Vistaprint, or Printful to get your designs on Canvases, Mugs, Ornaments, T-Shirts, Leggings, and beyond! As a business owner you can get these items for a discounted rate if purchasing small batches as "samples." 

Promote these as "Exclusive" and "Limited Edition" in order to increase the hype surrounding the event. Building a sense of scarcity and urgency around your products can help take you from "just another booth" to a destination. 

If you solely sell digital products, these Limited Edition products are a great way to have your booth visitors remember to check out your store later in the future.

4. Get Your Printed Marketing Materials Ready

The event is in TWO WEEKS! Trust me when I say this, get your marketing materials (banners, posters, brochures, postcards, business cards, etc) printed and prepared in advanced. I like my local FedEx Office location because they are 24 hrs, have a razor sharp paper cutter, and if I run into any issues the staff is very helpful. 

Give yourself the time to print, cut, organize, and pack so that the day of the event you just have to set up and rock it. Whether you have tangible products or not, having these marketing materials will enable you to hand your information out to fellow vendors, people that happen by your booth, and customers who purchase from you that day. 

Tip: Offer a coupon code or a contest incentive to get potential customers to add your social media pages, and/or buy from your digital offerings.

5. Networking and In Booth Multimedia Presentations

You have made it to the vending event, how can you make your booth stand out? Multimedia and your shining personality! 

Talk, Talk, Talk:

Network with fellow vendors, shake hands with anyone who catches your eye, hand out brochures, have meaningful conversations. Bring hand sanitizer, comfortable shoes, and the biggest smile you have because YOU are your best salesperson. Talk about your process, talk about their beautiful bracelet - every connection increases your chances of selling products and/or being offered opportunities down the road. 


If you have electricity at your booth, bring plenty of cords and surge protectors to have your lighting, Phone, Tablet, Laptop, and/or the Flatscreen from your guestroom powered throughout the event. 

Create a simple Powerpoint or Video and set it to loop throughout the event. You can have music, but avoid dialogue or too many words on each screen as this is simply a way to get people to the booth, not to have them sit around and enjoy a movie. Think of those digital billboards on the highway, information needs to be quick, beautiful, and impressive.

No electric hook up at your booth? Charge up your laptop and your Tablet. When one dies, use the other and bring a back up power cell for the Tablet to keep you going until the end of the event. Many events only last 4-6 hours.


There you have it, my 5 Simple Ways to Rock your next Vending Event as a Digital Product Based Business! 

The best part about all of these tips is that even if you do not sell a single thing at your booth, you'll still end up with great results. 

You will have shaken hands with many new people (network with your fellow vendors and customers alike!), passed out countless marketing materials, posted weeks of fresh content on your social media (don't forget those hashtags!), and, most importantly, you will have taken a chance on going for your dream. 



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