Meet the Author and Designer of RRD | print

Hello and welcome to RRD | print; a blog from the creator of RRD | print and the RRD | creates YouTube Channel...which is me. My name is Rachel and I am excited to share the insight that I've gathered from jobs in apparel, graphic design, home decor, and from running my own creative business!

Why now? 

There comes a time when you have to stop watching YouTubers and listening to business that you can share your own story to fill in the gaps of information that you know a bit about. 

In my case, my favorite podcasts, books, etc. all revolve around startups, photography, and digital marketing - but none of them have anything to do with my trades as an apparel, costume, and graphic designer. There are a lot of business tips and advice that really has helped me through the years, but sometimes you need more tailored advice for your particular interests.

Example: "Get out there and network, create a professional resume, don't make any waves..." works for some industries, but for creatives like myself (and you, presumably) you are called upon to be different, to be interesting, and to promote yourself in innovative, yet professional ways.

What's in store?

While you're reading this quick and painless introduction to my world, I'm hammering away at my keyboard editing videos, designing new printables, and meeting with local design clients as a means to bring you curated advice to build your brand and, ultimately, the life you'll love. 

I'm excited to get started and can't wait to share some of my wild adventures!
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