The Millennial Choice: Here's to You, Doc!

I wish I were clever enough to have thought ahead and specifically designed the "d" in Option D to stand for Doctor, but I'm not. It just kind of worked out that way.

Week 4 of our series takes us into the land of Make Believe...a place where you get what you want after working hard and your degrees are more than expensive decoration. Okay, that may be a little jaded, but for creatives like myself, it can feel this way sometimes.

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Option D: Find a Career in Your Field, Get Paid a Living Wage, Live Happily Ever After

While I don't have any experience with this option, I hear it happens.

I have friends that were interested in being doctors or lawyers, went to school, and are now doctors or lawyers with spouses, homes, and beautiful children.

That said, a strong majority of my college educated friends are in sales or banking despite their dreams of rock stardom, journalism, anthropology, design, teaching, etc. I like to think that their priorities and dreams changed and they are living it up in Option D land, but from the conversations that I've had with them, it seems like they're in Option A Purgatory.

So I'm not saying that it is impossible, but it is very location, industry, and demand based. If your passion happens to align with all of these variables, you, my friend, are set!

For the rest of you, check back next week as we wrap up the final Option and we chat about what you're supposed to do to avoid or at least mitigate the damage that these options may have or may have already had on you achieving the success that you crave!

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