The Millennial Choice: Option E and the Top 5 Lessons for Job Hunting

We made it, the final post of this series! Five options for the finding your path in the modern workplace as a Millennial. If you have missed any of the other posts in the series check them out:

Introduction and Option A

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Option D

All read up? Great, let's dive in to Option E and learn what to do with this information that I've been throwing out to you.

Option E:

Learn Lessons from All Around You and Build Your Own Way

millennial choice, workplace, business advice, career advice, entrepreneurshipBefore you roll your eyes, let's breakdown what this Build Your Own Way nonsense is all about.

I'm not advocating that everyone needs to be an Entrepreneur...though that would be pretty clever considering the whole Option "E" thing. What I mean by "Building Your Own Way" is taking all of the information and lessons that accumulate around you and soaking them up in order to pursue the endeavors that you've always wanted.

You knew what you wanted to be when you grew up at an early age, but life happened.

Even if you can't be the Ice Dance Princess, Astronaut, or Pro Athlete that you wanted to be in 1st grade, there are still facets of these professions that would make your day-to-day grind mean something to you.

Are you Lebron? Probably not, but could you work in the office and get season tickets to be a part of the Lakers' realm? With the right skills, education, and resume, probably.

Throughout our journey through the Options that Millennials have to choose from, you may have noticed that you've already encountered one or two jobs that fit within these options. I've encountered all but Option D (someday!) and I am now in the process of getting myself in gear for Option E.

This, for me, means that I have my own LLC to create things that I love and the avenue to show what I know to help build up my own brand, rather than someone else's. In order to get myself to this level, I learned a ton of things in my adventures and misadventures throughout the jobs with no benefits, the jobs with no pay, and the jobs in toxic environments.

I hope you've had an amazing time learning from this series! I'm off to go craft something. Keep your eyes peeled, creatives, for my next series!