The Millennial Choice: Part Deux

Last week, we started this series on the job market and how it directly relates to the Millennials in the market for careers that provide security and fulfillment. We highlighted the first employment option available to Millennials, Option A: Get Paid More than Your Skills are Worth in an Unrelated Field.

I learned a lot from that experience and hey, at least I know what a sunset in Miami looks like!

Without further ado, let's dive in to our second option in the current employment climate.

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Option B: Get Paid Less than Your Skills are Worth in the Field of Your Dreams

I have a few friends (myself included) that have responded to the perfect job post, interviewed, and have even gone so far as working for companies that pay under the suggested living wage (for their area), offer either no benefits or high deductible plans at ridiculous rates, and some do not even offer sick hours or vacation pay until after multiple years of service.

It is to these toxic environments that many Millennials cling for the slightest hope of a good recommendation, and/or something new to add to their LinkedIn profile or resumes. And yes, the employer knows this.

This predatory practice of hiring the young and enthusiastic professional is exactly what employers bank on to keep their staff young, hip, and the CEO's wallet happy. In their eyes, you are a tool that they can use to fulfill their goals and, frankly, you're the cheapest because you do not know your worth yet. It's not a new practice and since their is never a short supply of hungry and passionate individuals in need of money, the practice isn't going anywhere.

Unpaid or low-paying Internships are a perfect example of this practice, as are any jobs that require a Bachelor's degree and offer zero benefits and $10-12 per hour in return. Exactly how far can $10-12 go when you add in rent, groceries, student loan debt, car care and maintenance, health insurance, and beyond?

Once know your worth, you'll begin to question methods, offer new strategies, and you then run the risk of running into pushback and gentle reminders that you have very little experience. As a general stereotype Millennials are forward thinking and innovative by nature and, while innovation should be the cornerstone of many businesses, different generations can see this as insubordination and defiance.

Consider this as an Option for the short term as you find your footing for a "real job." No matter what they are selling you, if the career that you want is on the top rung of a ladder that you are unable to climb due to outside stressors, something is shady.

We're getting played, ya'll!

Check back next week for Part 3 of the series!

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