The Millennial Choice: The Saga of Option C

This week's post is a doozy. I spent a little extra time to draw this one out as this is probably the most common option out of the least it certainly is in my area. If you are trapped in the cycle of getting a job, getting paid the same regardless of additional responsibilities, and feel overworked, this may be the post that you can relate to. Be sure to check out the entire series and my key career advice in the coming weeks.

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Option C

Allow your Skills to be Exploited in a Position in a "Close Enough" Field

These jobs aren't quite as shady as Option B until looked at with a let's zoom on in with an example from an actual experience of mine.

I started working for an apparel company (score!), after countless customer service positions, bridal retail, and even working at a box factory, I was elated to get a chance to work in a design department and see sparkly things all the time! A salary! Benefits! Woo! It probably goes without saying that it was not so simple.

I interviewed for a job to use my office skills (thanks call centers!) to get bulk orders of apparel and accessories made by contract sewing manufacturers. I was then interviewed in the second round for a design position as someone had recently departed. My Offer Letter was as vague as can be, so I really did not know which job I had been given.

My daily job was to keep up with the manufacturers, find new vendors and develop products for the company.

My weekly meetings were for the design department. I was also called upon to draw concepts, patterns, flats, and update tech packs to fill the needs of the empty position. I was required to do hair and makeup for Photoshoots that lasted until 10pm on weekdays, and 12hr Saturdays. I had to run to the cutting room to package boxes full of materials for our sewing contractors and even learned all of the shipping logistics to get product in and out of the US.

I mean, I wanted to work in the apparel industry, I learned a lot and while my skills were called upon left and right, I had no more input in the design process than the HR guy. What was the harm, it was, after all, close enough to what I wanted.

And then--they hired a new designer (fresh out of college, no job experience)--but luckily for me, an Intern quit so I was then required to create instructions for our sewing staff on top of my other responsibilities.

Extra pay? Nah. That awesome Salary sounded so great until my 40hr workweek turned into a 60-70hr workweek...making my hourly wage go to a little less than $9.

When negotiating at my one year review I requested to go part time as my contracted responsibilities were basically done in 3 days. I was denied saving the company money in this manner, so I waited around for a week or two, put in my two weeks and searched for the next adventure.

I need a mimosa after writing this one...whew! Check back next week for the Unicorn of all of the Options in the "Millennial Choice" Series.

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